We think differently about Australian food

About Kinrise

Our purpose is to nourish with clean, accessible and delicious Australian-made food we are proud to serve our own families.

What we do

We make delicious food across diverse categories united by shared values and a shared view of the future of food. While you won’t see our logo in the supermarket, you will see the products we make from loved popcorn brands to trusted baking mixes.

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Our Brands and Businesses

We make food that enriches and delights


We are experts in making great food at scale. We believe in co-innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing and are energised to make great food ideas come to life. We’re always on the hunt for more sustainable solutions to lessen our impact and preserve the integrity of our food.

Let's partner

We are looking for problem solvers who are energised by shaping change and believe it’s possible to be better every day. Kinrise wants team members who are consumer and manufacturing gurus and are passionate about food and innovation that matters.

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